Sleepbreeze - the ultimate cooling fan for rest and sleep in the heat


Sleepbreeze is the ultimate cooling fan

to help you

rest and sleep in the heat.

Sleepbreeze delivers efficient, effective, practical cooling.

Sleepbreeze has been tried and tested

by the military,

by campers, yachtsmen, backpackers,

festival goers,

city dwellers....


Welcome to Sleepbreeze

The Sleepbreeze cooling fan helps you rest and sleep when the weather is hot.

No matter whether you're on a camping expedition or whether you're at home and it's just unseasonally hot, the Sleepbreeze offers a simple and practical way of staying cool.

The Sleepbreeze's clever design allows it to fold up into a neat and compact package, not much bigger than your hand.  That means it can be easily stowed in your backpack - or bedside cupboard. The Sleepbreeze fan is energy efficient, allowing it to run on either batteries or mains electricity.

On this site you can buy a Sleepbreeze using our secure online shop and also learn more about the Sleepbreeze cooling product itself.

If there's something you'd like to know and you can't find it on this site, just drop us an email via the "contact  us" page and we'll get back to you shortly.

Sleepbreeeze - the ultimate cooling fan for rest and sleep in the heat

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Sleepbreeze is Made in Britain


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