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How do I ask a question?

Send an email with your question to:

We'll give you a personal answer to your question and also post your question and our answer on this page. If you email us and don't receive a reply within a day or two, then please look in your bulk/spam folder.

About sleeping in the heat

Why can't I sleep in hot weather?

Our body temperature changes throughout the day and night. This is known as the diurnal cycle. Our temperature at night is slightly lower than during the daytime. Likewise humans generally sleep at night. So, over the period of human evolution a reduction in body temperature and sleep onset have become intimately linked. In hot weather our thermoregulatory system takes longer to shed heat and the drop in body temperature takes longer. Hence sleep onset is delayed.

In hot weather, there is less of a temperature difference between our skin surface and the surrounding environment, slowing heat loss. As importantly, natural convection around our bodies (which promotes heat loss) is significantly reduced as this is primarily driven by the temperature difference between air and skin temperature. Hence we lie in bed drenched in sweat and counting sheep or thinking up theoretical answers to all the world's problems. The upside is that we don't need to lose that much heat to enduce sleep onset as the evaporation of sweat is a very powerful heat loss mechanism. Tests using a Sleepbreeze in a Melbourne heat wave resulted in our guinea pig shivering after about 10 minutes!


About the Sleepbreeze personal cooler

Is the Sleepbreeze personal cooler silent? Put another way, will it keep me awake?

It is quiet enough to fall asleep next to. It is very unlikely to keep you awake. Trying to sleep in excessive heat, however, will keep you awake.

The Sleepbreeze personal cooler uses so little energy, how can it possibly work?

Instead of moving air around the whole room, the Sleepbreeze personal cooler provides local air movement directly over you. Hence the name "personal cooler".  Desk and pedestal fans create a air movement over a wider area. Sleepbreeze is ideal for sedentary people, e.g. in bed, working at a desk, sitting on the sofa.  

Does the Sleepbreeze cool the air?

No. the Sleepbreeze provides air movement that will promote the evaporation of sweat. In other words it helps cool us in the way that nature gave us to regulate our temperature in hot weather.


Does the Sleepbreeze work in hot humid countries?

Yes. The Sleepbreeze promotes the evaporation of sweat from the skin surface. Even in very hot, humid countries it is always possible to lose body heat through sweating, provided that there is air movement. The Sleepbreeze provides the air movement that is essential for heat loss to occur.

I work in "infection control". How do I keep my Sleepbreeze clean?

The fan unit and airflow duct are attached by a strip of Velcro™  and can be separated easily. The airflow duct can be machine washed at temperatures up to 95 Celcius. The fan unit can be wiped clean with an alcohol wipe. Please ensure that it is unplugged from the mains before cleaning.


Power supplies and power requirements

Mains or battery power?

The Sleepbreeze can use both mains and battery power.  The Sleepbreeze needs a 12 volt dc supply and draws approximately 0.35 amps.

What power supplies do you provide?

We ship the Sleepbreeze with a mains power supply unit (PSU) as standard. We stockPSUs with US-style and standard UK plugs. The power supplies are voltage switching (a 240 volt PSU works on 110 volts and vice versa) so can be used with a travel adaptor when you travel to countries with other mains voltage levels.

Would your product work with a plug adaptor in France?

Yes. Please see the answer above. The Q/A below about  "Serviced Countries " also has relevant details about this question.

Is there a battery option?

Yes. We provide a battery accessory which can be used, for example when no mains power is available. The battery accessory holds 8 x AA batteries.

How long does the Sleepbreeze personal cooler work on battery power? Do you recommend a particular battery?

This depends on the type of battery used. On test in the office we generally get 6 hours with the fan on maximum setting.

Obviously longer still when on medium and low fan settings.

Batteries come with different energy capacities. The ones we use are 2500mAh. The bigger the charge capacity, the better the duration. We don't recommend a particular battery as manufacturers are constantly developing new and better batteries.


Do you ship the battery holder accessory with batteries?

No. The additional cost of posting batteries equates roughly to the price you'd pay purchasing a set of batteries! We don't think that it's in your best interest to sell you something that is readily and more cost effectively available at your local supermarket. 


How much energy does the Sleepbreeze personal cooler use? How does it compare with, say, a desk fan?

The Sleepbreeze uses 4 watts. Typically a desk fan uses 60 watts. Larger desk fans use still more energy. Side-by-side the Sleepbreeze personal cooler would use about 1/15th the electricity and this would be reflected in your utility bill. You also need to consider the efficiency of fan motors, which are roughly 40%. That's a lot of wasted energy on a 60-100 watt fan. If you are running desk fans in tandem with air conditioning then that wasted heat adds an additional load to the air conditioning system as a whole.


Keeping cool on a canal holiday

My husband and I are going on holiday at the beginning of July on a canal boat in France and I am concerned it will be too hot to sleep properly.  Obviously the boat has windows but I can imagine how hot it is going to get during the night.   Will your device work in this setting and if so, with two single beds how would you suggest we position it?

There are a number of problems sleeping in boat cabins, including; low ceilings which reduce natural convection and body heat loss, having 2 people in a small cabin both generating heat and humidity and the small windows / port holes which reduce the through flow of any breeze from outside. The Sleepbreeze will certainly work in the scenario you describe.

Low ceilings reduce natural heat loss and make sleeping difficult
Small port holes reduce airflow into the cabin Sleepbreeze helps ventilate the cabin making air fresher and a more pleasant sleeping environment

What we find in the situation you describe is that people use the product for about 10 minutes and they are then sufficiently cool to sleep. I would advise that you take turns with the Sleepbreeze between yourself and your husband. Alternatively take 2 Sleepbreezes. I would also advise leaving your Sleepbreeze running during the day to keep fresh air moving within your cabin.

You may wish to ask the company hiring the boat to you about power supplies in the cabins. If a power supply is not available you may wish to consider purchasing our battery holder which will power the Sleepbreeze for a number of hours, independent of mains electricity.


Keeping cool in a tent

Can I use a Sleepbreeze to help me keep cool in a tent?

Certainly. It works particularly well in smaller tents (typically used by backpackers) and inside the sleeping compartments of larger family style tents. The fresh air that the Sleepbreeze can duct into the tent helps offset the temperature rise when the sun heats the sides of the tent. Our top tip would be to use the Sleepbreeze to draw fresh air into the tent (or sleeping compartment). The Sleepbreeze also helps by creating air flow within the compartment which gives you a cooling effect when it passes over you.

Keeping cool when using a mosquito net

Can you tell me why using a mosquito net makes me so hot? Could a Sleepbreeze help me keep cool when using a mosquito net?

Mosquito nets have a mesh that is sufficiently fine to mosquitos and other insects from getting at your skin and passing on disease. Unfortunately, this also prevents the efficient movement of air through the mesh, reducing natural air convection created by your body. Air rising from your body hits the mesh and has nowhere to go (easily). Likewise the mesh also prevents fresh air being drawn in through natural convection. That's why the temperature rises inside the protected space created by the mosquito net.

A Sleepbreeze provides forced ventilation within the protected space and provides a cooling airflow directly over you. The effect is noticeably better than using a pedestal fan outside the mosquito net, or a ceiling fan above it. Pedestal fans are notorious for causing the net to flap about, too, leaving gaps for bugs to get in.  

Fitting a Sleepbreeze to a military camp bed / camping cot

I like your product and can see it working for me on deployment. We use military camp beds. Do you provide a solution that fits direct to camp bed? Maybe with additional Velcro straps, perhaps a longer version?

Yes we have a version of the Sleepbreeze that fits direct to a camp bed / military cot. This was developed originally for a British-based field hospital. The duct is specifically tailored to attach to the side bars of a camp bed and the duct is about 1.5m in length. We also fit a Velcro strap to the battery holder accessory, allowing it to hang from the end bar of the cot, and a Velcro strap to fix the fan housing to the cot. That keep things neat and tidy in your personal space. Please contact us by email for a quote as these items are not kept in stock. Delivery time is about 2-3 weeks.

Is there a NATO stock number for Sleepbreeze?

Not at this time.


Use of a Sleepbreze in a child's bed


My daughter has a tendency to turn around in bed - she ends up with her head at the foot of the bed. Is there a way of securing the power cord to avoid her getting tangled up with it?

Yes. The power cord can be easily tie-wrapped to the bed's frame (photo below, left), keeping it out of your daughter's way. The length of cable can be kept short to avoid entanglement (photo below, right).

If you are using the battery holder this can be Velcro'd to the underside of the bed frame also. Tie wraps and Velcro are commonly available from your local DIY or hardware store. Here's how we did it for our own daughter's bed.

Tie-wrapping the power cord to a bed frame keeps things tidy and secure
Power cable fits snugly down the side of the bed


How to purchase a Sleepbreeze


Will I find Sleepbreeze on sale in the shops?

Not at the moment. This website is the only place you can buy a Sleepbreeze.

How can I buy a Sleepbreeze personal cooler?

We have an easy to use, secure online shop on this site which can be accessed from each page on our website. Alternatively follow this link Sleepbreeze online shop


Which merchant accounts does Sleepbreeze use?

We are currently offering Google Checkout and PayPal as a means of paying for your goods.


Will I see Google and PayPal transaction costs added at checkout?  

No. All transactions fees are wrapped up in the price.


Can I pay by cheque?

Yes. We recognise that some customers aren’t familiar with or confident about internet shopping.

Cheques backed by a bank card are acceptable. Please allow time for the funds to clear before we despatch the goods to you.


Can I speak to someone in person?

Of course! Our office number is +44 1420 540209. If we’re not able to take your call please leave a voicemail (including your phone number) and we’ll phone you back.  


How long does it take to receive my goods?

We generally ship on the same day an order is received (weekends & public holidays excluded). The product should arrive with you within a couple of days (mainland UK), or approximately 3-5 days for air mail deliveries to the US and other countries.


Do you send an email confirmation letting customers know that their goods are on the way?

Yes, we feel this helps our customers know that their order is important to us and has been dealt with properly.  


How much does it retail for at the online shop?

Sleepbreeze personal cooler, including mains power supply unit: £39.95 excluding VAT and P&P

Battery holder accessory: £4.50 excluding VAT and P&P 


Do you have a US distributor specifically for military and government sales?

Yes. Tactical Gear Command of Huntsville, Alabama handle our sales to US military and US government agencies.

Click on the link above, or their logo (below) to visit their website.

Tactical Gear Command for US military and government sales



Which countries are "serviced"? Will you be adding other countries?

We currently service most countries that use either standard UK or US plugs, or where UK or US plugs are in common use alongside other types. That covers many countries. A full list is available at the Shop Checkout. Sorry if your country is not currently on the list.

How and where is the Sleepbreeze made?

I'm interested in how and where the Sleepbreeze is manufactured. Tell me more.

We primarily use British manufacturers in Hampshire and Wales. Some components, which are not available in the UK, are sourced from the Far East. We wanted to create a product that was genuinely "Made in Britain", has less "product miles" and creates employment in our own country.

That's the short answer. We found the long answer sent readers of this page to sleep before they purchased our product - and we can't have that can we!!

I see there is a British Made for Quality logo on the product that I purchased. Tell me more.

We are active members of the British Made for Quality campaign which seeks to promote the need for a strong manufacturing base in the UK. We run the Facebook page on behalf of British Made for Quality and help with political lobbying. For some years we have recognised that there has been an overemphasis of "financial services" in the UK economy. The recent economic meltdown in the UK has shown this to be the case and politicians are now looking to the manufacturing sector to bail out the economy. Enough already, I can see your eyelids getting heavy from here!!

If you do have a facebook account then please consider becoming a fan of the British Made for Quality page.

Supporting "British Made for Quality" by manufacturing in Great Britain


What colours are available?


Daddy, I like the product, but could you make me one in pink? I have £1 pocket money if that would help persuade you.

Please see my previous answer. Henry Ford started off by offering a limited range of colours (black) and his company did ok.

What gave you the idea to invent the Sleepbreeze in the first place?

Well, a friend started off by saying how expensive air conditioning was to run in her country, but they couldn't live without it. So, she wanted to know as a scientist in thermal physiology and body cooling what was I going to do about it? Sleepbreeze is the answer.

duct as being "British Made for Quality". Is all of it British me?

Who took the product photos? They're really good!

Thanks, Bob. I seem to remember it was you! Here's a link to Bob Burton's photography website ( Bob is now offering 1-to-1 tuition as well as a nice selection of photos on his site. The stunning local scenery is thrown in for free.

Now, daddy, about the pink version....

Black is the new pink. Now tidy your room! ...well it is called the Frequently Asked Questions page...


Seriously, we're considering adding new colours to our range sometime in the future. Pink may be one of them!



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